David's Story

In 2014, after much resistance, I launched 360 Artist Management as an off-shoot of my PR & Marketing agency, 360 Total Solutions after being pressured by my long-time friend Jamison Ross. However, the music business was not something that was foreign to me.  Essentially, I am a musician that went to business school.  As a kid, not only did I play drums, but I studied the instrument in depth.  As a teenager I started playing piano studied jazz and gospel.  After earning an MBA and working in corporate america, I first bridged my experience with musical instrument sales.  Shortly thereafter, I reinforced that bridge with 360 Artist Management.

My management philosophy and perspective is unique.  I take my experience in corporate america working for Fortune 500 brands and I apply the same concepts to artists.  I am fortunate to have had a wealth of experience across business units including, project management, advertising, product launch, experiential marketing and sales.  Seeing the industry through the lens of an artist as well as a strategist is what makes 360AM different.  Every thing that we do has purpose that supports our ultimate goal: to move artists' careers forward so that the world may experience moments of humanity.

David S. Hargrett